Top Selling FX 2017



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I always like trying out pedals 🙂


Some notes about pedal testing:

I think my next pedal may be the Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp.  Often at gigs, there is an amp there already so I dont need to bring anything.  This way I save my back and carrying equipment and can still get that classic Ampeg preamp sound.

My favorite was easily the Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega.  It is such a characterful pedal, which is something that I look for with my electronics.  Maybe once day I’ll play in a band where it will fit it….

The Valeton Dapper Bass is a pedal I would recommend anybody starting with bass effects.  Dave Hollingworth recommends a multi-effect pedal as a good starting pedal as well.  It really has everything you need to get awesome sounds!