Top 5 J-Basses



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What does it mean to be a J-Bass?  J is for Jazz of course!  The main difference between these basses and others are the pick-ups.  I don’t really undertand the physics or pickups, but for some reason the arrangement and electronics of the pickups on these basses have become closely associated with jazz.  And they do certainly sound different from others.

I am, as is apparent from the video, a big fan of the fender jazz bass.  It is just the classic electric bass sound that so many bassists have used since the 60s.  If it was a little lighter, it would be my go to bass.  Certainly a must for anybody trying to get that ‘jazz bass’ sound.

If you want to play rock and jazz on the same bass, you can get a j-bass where you can tweek the settings (highs and lows) to get different sounds.  Or you can just get a distortion pedal -)