Rhythmic Meditation



computer music, ipad

A focus of this composition was to be performable in a live setting and to allow for a degree of improvisation not usually associated with electronic music. This composition was built to be completely controlled from a tablet.

This composition was used to fulfill part of my requirements for my MSc in Digital Composition and Performance at the University of Edinburgh. To follow a visual guide of when each section occurs, consult the Meditation Guide that I made to accompany the peice.

This composition makes extensive use of the Circular Entrainment composition and performance system personally developed to create this specific composition. The exploration of rhythmic patterns at drastic speeds highly influenced the development of the instruments and subsequent range of timbres used in this composition. Sound files were developed later to complement the spectral energy of Circular Entrainment as well as serve as guides in live performance.

The software used for this composition is Max MSP. Using basic javascript, I was able to generate objects on the fly depending on what each section calls for (or what mood I’m in)

To listen to a mixed and mastered version, I have one linked on my dropbox: Rhythmic Meditation