Ode to the End of my Youth



algorithmic composition, bass guitar, computer music

For this composition, I experimented with long form composition using multiple groove oriented sections with electro-acoustic transitions. The melody heard at the beginning and end of the piece is a song my father used to sing to me growing up called Little Ducky Duddle. This composition is a personal reminder how much I have grown musically since then.

I used techniques such as FFT transformations, via Mammut and AudioSculpt, concatenative synthesis, via CataRT, and stochastic synthesis via SuperCollider3 to generate the digital textures heard throughout this piece.

I then created grooves by building instruments in Abelton Live and playing electric bass under and over top of these grooves. These grooves were developed to overlap perfectly at the end of the piece using the Schillinger techniques described below. Everything was mixed and edited in Abelton Live.

I followed an approach to musical form using techniques I learned from this article on distributive power systems used by Schillinger and North Indian Classical Tabla music. The entire form for this composition is designed to overlay on top of each other, but never complete one full cycle until the very last note! If you read music, you can take a look at the score I developed in the early stages of this composition for a better idea.

To learn more about this composition, check out the paper I wrote about it Here: RES_EA_OdeToTheEndOfYouth