Audio Visual Orchestra 2014



PS3 Controller

I was a member of the University of Edinburgh’s 2014 Audio Visual Orchestra. For this project, I helped my orchestra members develop software and artistic strategies to convey the story of Socrate’s “Allegory of the Cave”.

Each member of the orchestra built their own instrument to perform with. I chose to utilize the phenomena of phase cancellation that occurs when two sine waves oscillate at slightly different frequencies. By representing these on an XY plane as Lissajou Curves and controlling effects and sine waves with a PS3 controller, I created the audio visual instrument heard in the first half of our performance.  The second half utilized a spectral filter and spacialization mapped to the orientation of the PS3 controller allowing for a more gesture driven performance.

The performance embeded was held at InSpace. Treating the space in which we performed as an added artistic element, I utilized many of its unique features such as a pivoting projector to display visuals in different locations.