The following are some of the music services I can provide.  I offer very competitive pricing so please contact me if you would like to discuss options and recieve a quote.

icon for Music Performance

Music Performance

In addition to provided music from my own groups, I can play electric or upright bass on your next recording or gig. I can also help program ableton live sets, play keyboards, sing, and run live sound.

icon for Bass Lessons

Bass Lessons

Whether you want to learn Upright bass, electric bass, or just the fundamentals of what makes a great bass line, I can get you to the next level!

icon for Film Music Composition

Film Music Composition

Whether for tv series, short-film, or feature length, I can help create tracks that will push your creative vision further.

icon for Video Game Music

Video Game Music

With a background in gaming and video game progamming and training from the school of video game audio, I can help create the a dynamic soundtrack for your game.

icon for Music Production

Music Production

I can help you realize your musical ideas. My services in this field range from song composition, recording, acoustic and electric orchestration, mixing and live sound.

icon for Band Coachings

Band Coachings

Do you need some help getting your band to the next level? With over a decade of band experience, I can help focus your musical direction and help you create the sound you have been looking for.

icon for Composition Lessons

Composition Lessons

Trying to find the right notes? I can help you with music theory and practical composition techniques to acheive your creative goals. This also includes how to use a DAW and thinking about sound in a more spectral approach.

icon for Social Media

Social Media

Need help generating awesome content for your product? Let me help! From acting to jamming to demonstrating your product, I can get your product seen and heard by the masses.