Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.


I strive to incorporate diversity in my art by working with artists and music styles from around the world. I do not like to stay in one genre for too long as I am constantly trying to grow and redefine myself as an artist. My hope is to inspire listeners to break down their own stereotypes and create new connections with their environments.

Technology is the most recent addition to my artistic process. I find computers hold great potential for a composer and performer to explore in ways they may not have known existed. Modern computing allows me to perform tasks in a home studio that would have only been possible with team of computer scientists and sound engineers only fifty years ago. I will continue to expand my knowledge of music software and technology in order to push the boundaries of artistic expression.


Born and raised just north of Washington, D.C., I grew up listening to funk, rock, jazz, and klezmer music. My interest in music and connecting with people lead me to pursue a Bachelors of Music in Jazz Performance and Psychology at McGill University, Montreal Canada. It was here that I took advance courses in music theory, composition, arranging, performance, and overall musicianship.

After working as a professional musician for two years primarily playing bass and producing music for various groups, I decided to explore the ways computers can process and incorporate non-acoustic sounds in studio and live performances. I learned how to creatively use and program music software for during my Msc in Digital Composition and Performance at the University of Edinburgh. My masters thesis addressed how circular representation of rhythm can be programmed and improvised with to explore complex rhythmic material.

In addition to music, I enjoy learning computer and spoken languages. I also enjoy working with children through teaching or simply playing music. I also really, really like a good conversations over a good cup of coffee.


  • 2014 | Received MSc in Digital Composition and Performance from Edinburgh University
  • 2011 | Bmus in Jazz Performance and Pyschology from McGill University